Academic research

A personal webpage used to host my academic work.

Dynamical Systems and Geometry

M.Hauser, S. Gunn, S. Saab and A. Ray, "State Space Representations of Deep Neural Networks, " Neural Computation February, 2019

M.Hauser and A. Ray, "Principles of Riemannian Geometry in Neural Networks, " Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) in Long Beach, California December 2017

M.Hauser, "On Residual Networks Learning a Perturbation from Identity, " arXiv (preprint) Februrary 2019

M.Hauser, Y. Li, S. Phoha and A. Ray, " Realtime combustion state identification via image processing: A dynamic data-driven approach," American Controls Conference (ACC) in Boston, Massachusetts, July 2016

Probabilistic Forecasting

M.Hauser, Y. Fu, S. Phoha and A. Ray, " Neural Probabilistic Forecasting of Symbol Sequences with LSTM," ASME Journal of Dynamical Systems, Measurement and Control in August, 2018

M.Hauser, Y. Fu, Y. Li, S. Phoha and A. Ray, " Probabilistic forecasting of symbol sequences with deep neural networks," American Controls Conference (ACC) in Seattle, Washington July 2017"

Density Estimation

M.Hauser, " Training capsules as a routing-weighted product of expert neurons," arXiv (preprint) June 2019

M.Hauser, " Training products of expert capsules with mixing by dynamic routing," arXiv (preprint) June 2019

Computational Fluid Dynamics

M.Hauser and K. Vafai, " Analysis of the multidimensional effects in biofilm," International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer Elsevier, vol. 56. no. 1, pp. 340-349, Jan 2013.

Computational Linguistics

M.Hauser, E. Sariyanidi, B. Tunc, C. Zampella, E. Brodkin, R. Schultz, J. Parish-Morris " Using natural conversations to classify autism with limited data: Age matters," Computational Linguistics and Clinical Psychology (ACL CLPsych) in Minneapolis, Minnesota June 2019

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